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When I was with the police department in Ohio in 1986 a deputy told me about an experience he had one evening while driving down an isolated back road. This territory was new to him as he was covering for another off duty officer. He told me it had just finished raining at about 6pm when he passed a cemetery on his right. About a quarter mile down the road he stopped his cruiser to offer a girl walking beside the road a ride to wherever she was going. She accepted his offer and sat in the back seat during the three-mile ride. The deputy remembered how pretty she looked dressed in her prom gown. She explained she was on her way to her school prom and after about three miles down the road, asked to be let out on the dimly lit corner at the old gas station. He dropped her off then proceeded down the road on his tour of duty. It was a dark evening and he got concerned about the girl's safety so he turned around and went back to where he had dropped her off and she was no where to be found. He passed the old abandoned gas station and continued back down the road to the cemetery and a small house located next to it. He parked his cruiser in the dirt driveway and knocked on the door and explained to the old man what had happened and he had wondered if the girl possibly came to his house. The old man just smiled and said to come inside and he would explain. It seems that the girl the deputy picked up that night, was killed on her way to her school prom in 1943 by a drunk driver. The old man explained that several times a year she walks down that same road trying to get to her prom. He took the deputy into the cemetery and showed him the girl's gravestone. After shaking off the shivers the deputy returned to his cruiser and began his tour again. Down the road at the corner where the old gas station was located it was no longer there; it was an open field with trees. The deputy confided in me to tell no one about this experience.


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