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I would like to say that I have had experienced with the Ouija board frequent times in my life! My 2 cousins and I have wondered for about 4 years if the Ouija board really works or if it is just some mental thing inside your brain. We have come to find out that it is not your brain, and that it is the spirits!

It all started at my Grandma's house we would all go there and stay during the summer. Her house is very old to be exact it is 155 years old. There have been numerous occasions when people have died there! My youngest cousin Lauren and her mom decided to play around with the Ouija board and brought it to my grandma's house (Which the board had been used for many years by Lauren's mom's boyfriend's family and they contacted a demon named Charlie). After they brought it, we stayed the night at my grandma's house. Everyone was in bed except my 2 cousins and I and we kept hearing a strange knocking, and the door slamming, with creeping noises underneath us in the basement. That night Lauren fell asleep and my other cousin Tristen and I went and slept in the Living room. We fell asleep and I awoke about 3:00 in the morning to find a young child that looked just like Lauren sitting right in front of me. I thought it was Lauren and I said, "Lauren what are you doing?" there was no answer...I waved my hand in front of her face, but no movement. Then finally my hand went through her and I freaked out!!! I looked at her and then hid my head under the covers (I was only 11 what do you expect). So then about 5 minutes later I got the guts to poke my head out of the cover to see if the so-called "Lauren" was still there. I saw a young woman very pale, wearing a white long dress, her hair was about shoulder length. She was sitting on the white chair right in front of me. I started kicking my cousin Tristen that was right beside me, but she never awakened.

The next morning I said Tristen I have something to tell you, she said I have something to tell you too. So I told her what happened that night, then come to find out she had seen an older man lying on the sofa. Tristen had bruises from where I kicked her so hard. Then we started telling my other cousin, and more and more people. It comes to find out more people that don't believe us. So we decided to research "ghosts" our self's. We continued to play around with the Ouija board and at my cousins birthday party someone got the idea that it would be fun to play with the board. There were about 15 girls at the party which most of us were in Lauren's room at the time. Many people took turns when someone said, "Lauren, why don't you and your 2 cousins try it?" So my 2 cousins and I spaced it out and we got on it. We played on it then something happened. We remember asking it "who are you?" It answered "your cousin". We said "which cousin?" "What is your name?" It answered Ryan (She was our cousin who dies when she was 16 years old about 4 years ago in a freak accident while she was on a field trip. She went white water rafting and fell off the raft and drowned and we all didn't handle it too well) We started talking and it was really her...so we think, she told us things that no one knew but us. Like for example Ryan got Cremated and her ashes are in My Aunts living room on a table with pictures around it of Ryan. She said Krista, do you remember when you and Katie (her Sister my age) almost dropped my ashes? I freaked out no one knew that but her sister Katie and I. We continued talking to her that night when she asked me and my 2 cousins to sit in the floor and let her get inside our bodies. I wasn't really up to this and neither were my cousins. We did sit down in the floor, we waited but we all jumped up and got on the bed.

That night we tried contacting Ryan again, but we never got to talk with her. We were all scared to death, so for the past 4 years ever since my cousin has died there has been a "unsolved mystery" My question is...Was it the Ouija board or was it our minds playing tricks on us????


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