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I had a dream that my husband would break his neck, his mom would die and other events would happen and they did! My mom always had strange things happen to her. She was in Danville, Il. for the first time and my dad was driving at night and my mom felt someone pull at her shoulder, she told my dad to stop the car something was wrong my dad got out of the car and walked a few feet and the bridge was out! I don't understand the dreams and the feelings but when I tell my husband to stay home and not leave something is wrong, he listens. What is this that is going on? Before we got married I had this strange dream that he would break his neck the next day. I thought he would think I was stupid if I told him what I had a dream about (we had only went out on 3 dates) the next day a 30 ft. tree limb fell on top of his head and broke his neck and back! After a while I broke down and told him, after we married I jolted out of bed and told him to call his parents his mom was dying (he called and we flew to VA. just the day before she died).

Cindy Lue

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