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Every year since I could ever remember my mother's side of the family rented a house on the shores in Westbrook, Connecticut. It was an old clam shack and it was added onto and it grew to a seven bedroom house.  Ever since I can remember there were ghostly things going on, not unbearable to be there but just enough to keep you on your toes. One time in broad day light I went upstairs to use the bathroom and something caught my eye when I looked into a nearby bedroom and the door suddenly slammed on the other side of that bedroom and then as I turned to leave the toilet flushed on its own and it looked as though the toilet paper was being unravel in front of my eyes, being a little kid I ran.  I asked around but no one was upstairs at the time. That was my first and only personal experience. Others have had there share of experiences. One night my dad was sleeping in his room which is right next to mine, he was awaken to someone shaking him but no one was around then he tried to get up and something was holding him down, he tried to turn on a light but it wouldn't turn on...he then heard "Get Out" by a manly voice.  My dad obeyed him and left. That was two years ago and nothing has happened in that room since. One night my brother was up late and watching TV alone in the living room and he was startled by the sound of all the pots and pans in the kitchen were thrown on the ground.  He went into the kitchen and not one thing was out of place, not one thing was even moving slightly. Odd. I am currently trying to find more stories from people that have entered the house...I will keep you updated. 

-Jon Newington, Ct

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