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One night I was going downstairs to do my laundry and my dog came with me as usual. I hung up my laundry up to dry and thought nothing of it. A day went go by and I went back down to get the laundry that I hung to dry when I noticed that all my clothes were inside-out and I could have sworn it wasn't that way the day before. So a few weeks passed, and I started hearing sounds outside of my apartment door. It sounded as though someone was saying "let us in", repeatedly. This was about 1AM in the morning so I ignored it and went back to sleep. The next day I went down again to throw some more laundry in the washer and my dog came with me as usual. I had a basket in my hands as I opened the basement door and my dog's hair stood up and she was cowering. I was yelling at her  to "come", and she just stood there looking straight ahead of me. I looked and saw nothing when all of a sudden she started crying and darted past me up the stairs. I called her but she didn't listen and I just stood at the top of the stairs. At that moment I felt real cold and I threw the basket down and ran up the stairs! I told my husband and he came down with me from that day on to help me with the laundry. After about a month or so we ended up moving out of that house. This is a true story and I believe my dog saw something evil.


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