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Hello, my name is Christina and I would like to share my "ghost" experience. When I was in the 6th grade we moved to a small town in Florida called Starke. I hated it the moment I came here and because of it I became lonely. During the next few years I began seeing supernatural things in the woods outside of our house. One instance in particular really shook me up. My room has two windows in the corner and it being Florida and extremely hot I had a window fan in one of them. One night I was lying awake in bed and I heard a strange voice call out my name. It was a female voice and she sounded like she was in great pain. I kind of dismissed it out of my mind and it seemed to go away until a few hours later.

I was sleeping by this time and having fitful dreams of a fire when out of the blue I heard the woman's voice again only this time louder. It was directly behind my fan. It scared me so bad I crawled into our living room and told my dad what I had heard. He went outside to check on it and when he came back he said there was nothing there and chalked it up to my imagination. I went back to bed shaking and shivering and I heard her again. This time she was screaming "My house is on fire. Please come help me Christina!!!" I started crying at this point and had my dad check outside yet again. Nothing. Well I went back to bed and I didn't hear anything the rest of the night. The next night I heard her again. This time she was screaming "My children, their on fire!! Christina you have to help!!" This went on for about 2 weeks.

One night my friend stayed the night with me. I figured that maybe I was dreaming all of this and I would be safe with someone there. My friend was sleeping by the fan (she didn't believe what I had heard) when all of the sudden she heard "Christina? Where is Christina? You are not her!! Go away!!" she was hurdling profane language at my friend! You see I had not told my friend about my "ghost" and she was so scared she shoved me next to the window and went to sleep. The last night before "she" left I saw her. Again I heard her screaming at my window and I had learned to block it out but this night was different. She was screaming "Look what they've done to me!!! LOOK!" I turned my head to the window and I saw her. She was a tall very skinny woman in a white old colonial style dress, her hair was on fire, and her eyes were coal black. She looked at me with a sad smile and was gone, never to be seen again.

A few years later I was old enough to do some research. Back in the 1830's a woman lived out where I am with her 2 children. She was having a love affair with a black man and her neighbors and some other men came out and burned her house with her and her children in it. It is only rumored but that explains a lot of what she had said to me and I honestly think she watches over me now since I found out the cause.


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