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This event really happened to me in the Fall of 1971… 

My sister and her husband lived in Defiance Ohio in an old house which had been made into two apartments. My husband and I lived in Chattanooga Tennessee and decided to visit my sister for a weekend. When we arrived she took us on a tour of the old house then took us to the small room up stairs where we were to sleep. It was the room she used for sewing and it had a small bed in an alcove that touched the wall at the head and foot of the bed. That same night as we slept I was awakened and saw a man standing at the foot of the bed dressed in an old tattered military style uniform. I have never seen such a look of misery, sadness and despair as this man had on his face. I began to scream and was shaking terribly and trying to wake my husband when my sister and her husband ran into the room to see what was wrong. I told them what I saw and they just laughed it off and said I probably had a nightmare, but I insisted that I knew what I saw. The next morning I kept thinking about it but realized that it was impossible for anyone to stand at the foot of the bed since it was against the wall. Later that week my sister told me that her husband confided in her after we left and told her that the house was built on a sight where there had been a dungeon during the Civil War where prisoners were jailed and executed. 


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