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This is a true story which the TV show SIGHTINGS did a segment not long ago. Brenda had it posted at a website for the San Antonio Express-News.

By Brenda Pacheco

Last August, I made my most recent trip to San Antonio to visit some people I dearly love. While I was there, I was determined to find the railroad tracks I had heard about on a television show about paranormal occurrences. The story was that a school bus filled with children, back in the 1930's or 1940's, had stalled on the tracks, and the bus driver tried in vain to get the bus going again. Ten children were killed when the train collided with the bus. The story I heard was that you could drive to that location, shut your car off with the engine in neutral and the ghosts of the children would push your car up and over the tracks out of danger. I had to try it for myself! I have a black car, a station wagon, and decided to take talcum powder with me to sprinkle on the back of my car to see if any hand prints would show up.

Now, there were two carloads of us going, me, my two daughters and my husband in my car, and my sister, her two children and boyfriend in hers. She has a white car. I arrived at the site first, so I was anxious to try it. I wiped down the back of my car so there would be no fingerprints, no dust, dirt or anything. I sprinkled the talc and put my car on the other side of the tracks. I put my car in neutral, took my foot off the pedals and the car moved! It moved quickly toward the tracks, up over the bump and down the other side, well out of harms way! I was so excited I got out to check the back of my car and there were the tiny hand prints! Plain and clear, and so, so tiny! The prints were so perfect, you could see the lines of the palms, and the swirls of the fingerprints! We were so shocked! Then, the four of us heard children’s voices... loud and clear, like children playing on a school ground. We listened in amazement, then it stopped abruptly! This place is very rural, and there wasn't anyone even near there! We had heard the children! I wanted to try it again, so I wiped off the hand prints and talc off my car, put new talc and tried it again, this time, only with me in the car. My kids stood behind the car, hoping to see a ghost or something, and my husband stood in front of the car, now scared and not wanting to be in the car to do it again...

This time, the car went even faster, and I heard the tailgate of my station wagon squeak when it was being pushed in! Up and over the hill again, I got out, and there were several little hand prints, not only on the back of the car, but down the sides towards the back doors! And, there was one big hand print on the side! (The sides had also been wiped down!) Could this be a hand print from the bus driver? That's what we think...

By this time, my sister and her family had arrived and wanted to try it. The same happened to her car... but of course we didn't powder it, knowing they wouldn't show up on a white car. When her car was pushed over, we were shocked! No hand prints, but there were little blood droplets all over her trunk! They continued down the sides and there were blood droplets on the inside of the car where her daughter had the window down on the back door! We were all shocked! None of us, except my husband, was scared. It's not scary, it's a very sad, somber mood out there. I had an incredible feeling of sadness. Before leaving, I felt like I had to walk among the trees and bushes lining that little road, so I did. About halfway down the road, I heard terrible sobbing, gut-wrenching cries from children. I had to leave. Only two of us heard the crying.
I will never forget the experience I had that day. I took photographs of those hand prints on my car, and they are very clear. Those poor little children who died that day have obviously vowed not to let anyone else die in that tragic spot.

Railroad crossing in Texas where the tragedy occurred over 50 years ago.   A Palm print and small hand print left in powder on a car that experienced the phenomena in Texas.
This is a photo of the Railroad crossing where the tragedy occurred over 50 years ago.   Ghostly fingerprints appear after this car experiences the phenomena at a haunted Texas railroad track crossing.

Brenda Pacheco is the fan club president of Wayanay Inka, a musical group from Peru. The group plays every week in Alamo Plaza near the Alamo, and they play every weekend in Market Square. Pacheco, of Garland, Texas, says she has always been interested in the paranormal because of her curiosity for the unknown and curiosity of life after death.

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