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As a realtor, I toured hundreds of homes each year. When I was first starting out, a more experienced agent asked me to share a few of his listings. One of the homes I helped sell, got a reputation for being haunted. It was an older two-story, the owner had been remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. It had really nice woodwork and was a house I would not have had a problem living in. The owner had moved out so it was vacant but it showed well.

Soon after I started working on this listing, the house's next door neighbor started calling me to tell me that someone had left the lights on. I drove over a couple of times, turned off the lights and checked to see if someone had left a business card so I could call them and remind them to turn the lights off after showing. There were never any business cards to be found. About the fourth time this happened, it was just getting dark and I was glad the neighbor had called before too late. I happened to have my daughter Jenny with me who was in kindergarten. When we walked in the door, I felt uncomfortable. My first thought had nothing to do with spirits. I really thought a real person was in the house with us. I had Jenny stand by the front door and wait for me. I quickly turned off the light that was usually left on in the den then walked past the bathroom to the stairway so that I could check the lights upstairs. As soon as I got in front of the bathroom, I felt a chill and suddenly frightened. The door was partially closed and I assumed someone was in there. I decided to make as much noise as possible so the intruder would know I would be gone soon, so I called back to Jenny and told her that I was just checking upstairs to make sure there were no more lights on and then we would be leaving.

Shortly, after I got home, another female agent called to tell me she'd had an appointment to show the house that afternoon. She said the buyers stood her up so she stood around waiting alone in the house a little longer than usual. She also said, "Don't think I'm crazy but I had the feeling someone else was in the house with me." She also mentioned the first floor bathroom. She'd had enough nerve to open the door and look, finding nothing out of order. She was so uncomfortable that she contacted our manager and persuaded him to come back out to the house with her. She was afraid a vagrant had possibly broken in and was living there. The two of them walked through the house without finding any kind of forced entry.

I went back to the office the next day and repeated my story. Instead of scaring people away, it got every body's interest. I was able to get every agent in the office through that listing. Someone sold it within a week. Finally I got a chance to ask the listing agent, who worked out of another office, if he knew the history of the house. The wife, who was my age had died suddenly of an aneurysm. She had been remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. She'd finished the kitchen and first floor bathroom and was still working on the second floor bathroom when she died. She'd picked out the wallpaper and everything herself . The first floor bathroom was her favorite room in the house.

The new owners ended up re-wiring the whole house and moving within six-months. I've often felt that the previous lady of the house felt threatened by other women and had no desire to share her space.


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