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The house where I grew up was about 30 years old when my parents bought it, and as far as we know it didn't have a tragic history. At night when I would be laying in bed waiting for sleep to come, something would grab my shoulder really hard and shake me. I would look but there was never anything there to see. This happened numerous times while I was growing up, and after I had moved out and away, I came back to spend the night. I had gone to bed and was laying on my back when suddenly there was a man leaning over me in a black cape and top hat. His hands were outstretched, reaching for me, and he said "I'm going to get you now". Well, needless to say, I jumped up, screaming like a maniac, and he just disappeared. My mother ran into the room, thinking I was being murdered. She said I kept repeating "he's come for me, he's come for me". Nothing else happened the rest of the night, thank goodness. I was a grown woman, but that night I wanted to sleep with my momma. In the house where my husband and I live now, I am always hearing "things" and seeing shadows in the corners of my eyes. The strangest thing recently wasn't a haunting, but a dream. I was dreaming that my mother was sitting on the ground, with her purse beside of her. There was an Indian medicine man chanting and dancing around her. He stopped, and looked up at me and said, "don't worry, everything will be all right". He started chanting and dancing around my mom again, and I woke up. The next day my mother was getting out of her car, got her feet tangled in the straps of her purse, fell out the door, and broke her hip. She had to have surgery to replace it. Strange huh?


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