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The following story was taken from the book titled "Ghost Sightings" and was written by Brian Innes . The commentary below is not that of CPRS, but the actual thoughts and word s of the author or reporter.

Place: Nogales, Arizona
Time: 1942
Reporter: Gordon St. Thomas

Gordon St. Thomas, an officer of the US Immigration Service, was transferred to Nogales, on the border with Mexico, in 1942. He rented a former bachelor Army officers' quarters, a long, low, one-story house built during the 19th century, and moved in with his wife Sarah and two young children. From the beginning, they often had the feeling that when they entered the room, someone had just left it. Then St. Thomas began to be aware that there was an entity about the house that seemed to be obsessed with tidiness. He would return home from duty and throw his cap on the chair, only to find it a minute or two later hanging from a hook. If he left a book open upon a table, it would be replaced in the bookshelves. Packets of cigarettes lying around would end up in the wastebasket. One morning he left the coffee percolator on the stove with the gas turned up full beneath it and went to shave; when he remembered, several minutes later, and hurried back to the kitchen, he found the gas turned down low.

The most remarkable event, however, occurred one night when St. Thomas came off duty late, and decided to sleep in a spare bedroom so as not to wake his wife. As he was falling asleep, he felt his foot shaken vigorously; sitting up, he switched on the light, but found the room empty. He was about the switch off the light again when, looking up, he saw a scorpion on the ceiling immediately over the bed. As surrounding temperatures fall at night, scorpions can feel the heat rising from a sleeping body, and move to it. St Thomas was convinced that the "ghost" had saved his life.

The fact that soldiers, had previously occupied the house during the border wars with Mexico and the pursuit of the Apache chief Geronimo, suggests that the ghost may have well been that of a military man, one of those renowned for their insistence on neatness and order. St. Thomas is now dead; more than 50 years after his experiences, the exact location of the building has not been discovered, and so nothing is known of its previous history.

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