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I was just 9 years old when my stepfather and mother were married. My stepfather Ken was as unwelcome to me as was with my 3 brothers and sister. And believe me...I let him know! After they were married, Ken decided to add on to our little green stucco house. The addition included a huge kitchen, mud room, bathroom, 3 season porch, two basement bedrooms and then attached our garage. It was a great improvement over our tiny house. My sister Cindy, being the second oldest, moved out of our shared room upstairs into one of the new rooms as did my older brother Mike. Not too long after she moved out, I had been laying in my bed unable to sleep. The hall light was left on so my room was not pitch dark. All of a sudden, I looked up and saw my stepfather standing a few feet away from the foot of my bed. He was wearing a dark robe and his robe which he wore after his shower had a hood on it. The hood was pulled up on his head. "Ken get out of my room!" I shouted. My mother who was down the hall reading in bed said "Ken is sleeping right here next to me." My reply was "No he's not, he's right here at the end of my bed!" At that moment the figure stepped closer to the foot of my bed and then disappeared. Needless to say, I tore off into her room and there he was sound asleep! The next day at dinner I was repeating the incident to the family when my brother Bob asked me if the man wore a robe with a hood. I hadn't gotten that far in my story yet! He had seen the same figure walk into his bedroom and stand at the foot of his bed! His bedroom was directly underneath my parents bedroom. He also had thought it was our stepfather until it had disappeared also. He didn't tell anyone because he thought he had just been dreaming or hallucinating. After this, my brother Mike saw and old man come out of his closet in the new room in the basement and float over his head out the window. He has seen him several times. The ghost wears an old red flannel shirt that looks shredded and dirty. Since then we have had other incidences. My sisters ex-husband even jumped into the shower with her after he saw a head come out of the fireplace. Twenty years later, my parents still live there and my mom still hears some of the noises including from our deceased dog. I still have the same eerie feelings as I walk through certain areas of the house. I still, at 30 years old avoid the basement!

Vicki Haugen
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

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