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This is a true story...

   It was the summer of 1986, and my cousin Bob and I were really interested in the possibility of the existence of the Super Natural. We bought the OUIJA board on that day and planned to try it that night in the garage of my home. We had no prior knowledge of the possible danger or consequences, which could have resulted from this. We were both 19 years old at the time, and we swore an oath that we would not move the planchet on the board. We figured that we could definitely get a true answer from this as to weather or not this thing really worked.

   It was 8:00 PM, and we decided to get ready in the garage. I lit up 2 candles that represented the only light in the garage, and my cousin grabbed a soft comforter from the living room so we could sit and not be uncomfortable on the concrete floor. We sat down in front of the board with such anticipation. Just before we started, my mom had come down to see what was going on. She was also intrigued by the paranormal and asked if she could participate. We both agreed on her taking the oath, and she complied. We all looked at each other not knowing what to expect and began. Each of us placed our finger tips gently onto the planchet. My cousin and I alternately attempted to communicate with what ever was out there. This went on for about 10"-1"5 minutes, then my mom tried and it began to move! My cousin and I both looked at her in shock and noticed she was just as frightened if not more. She swore again that she was not moving it, and I knew for sure that we were not either. Immediately, it felt as if the room had dropped its temperature about 10 degrees.

   It moved slowly, and faint at times with no real direction. My heart pounded as the tiny hair on the back of my neck began to stand with each different movement the planchet made. Moving very weakly, my cousin asked who the entity was. It moved aimlessly, and he asked it 3 more times but still no significant response from the entity. After about the 4th attempt, my mom decided to ask, "Who are you?" It stopped moving for a second or two and started to spell something. It went to the letters I S B E L …We were all convinced that my mom wasn't moving it, and our curiosity turned into fear, and I could see it in my mother's face. We couldn't figure out what it was trying to say. My mother asked it again and it spelled out the same thing. I quickly asked if it was female, and it weakly moved to YES. I then shouted out Isabel? It stopped dead in it's tracks, and then moved to YES. I'm not sure what it was, but this image of a younger woman with dark hair up in a bun type style with a piece of long curly hair on each side of her cheek just popped into my head.

   After about an hour of a series of questions this entity that claimed to be Isabel, described to us, with difficulty, that she was not well educated and could not spell very well. She claimed that she was 32 when she died and a mother of 4. What was more shocking is that she claimed to be related to me! She said she was married to a man called Orlando Ferrante. I began to bet real queasy, and felt very ill (The kind you get from motion sickness). They continued and interpreted what this entity was saying. They understood that she claimed that she met this man when she was very young, about 14, in England. He took her to Italy where they were married. After their second born, he moved the family to the United States. The time frame she gave us was about mid 1800’s – early 1900’s. I was now watching most of this, and felt the presence of a spirit in the garage as the hair on the back of my neck continued to stand. After about an hour, we began to get tired from sitting on the concrete floor. We asked Isabel if we moved the board into the next room would she continue to communicate with us. The planchet moved straight to NO and just rested there. We all looked at each other puzzled, and asked why. It didn't move for about 2 minutes, then it began to spell E V E L…I asked if that meant evil, and it moved directly to YES. We were still confused at this point, and my cousin said "wait, are you trying to say that there is something evil in that room"? The planchet moved around and landed on YES. I began to get concerned and begged the others to stop at this point. I really did not feel good about this. We stopped after that, and did not plan to continue that evening.

   Later that night, I had some company stop by. There were four couples, and I explained what we had done earlier. The women were fascinated, but most of the men were chuckling and making fun of it. About an hour later, they convinced me to continue the communication, but this time in the room that Isabel would not go into. After some doubts, my cousin and I agreed to continue. We all again made the pact to not move the planchet. We sat around the table with about 8 sets of hands on it. I began to contact whatever was in there, and then it began to move quickly, and aimlessly. It was moving so fast that some people could not keep their hands on it. There was one guy standing above his girlfriend mocking, and making fun of the whole thing. I looked and noticed that the guys who were laughing just moments ago now had a look of concern on their faces. After getting no real response from this entity, I asked if it could tell us who it was, but it kept darting to various letters without meaning. I then asked if it was mad at someone in this room. It quickly darted to YES, and moved back and forth across it. I said "who"? It quickly spelled out the name of the guy who was standing over his girlfriend mocking everything. That was it! Everyone really got spooked out, and the communication came to a screeching halt.

   About 3 days later I had this horrible dream that I was at my Cousin Bob's house. The setting was foggy, and it felt as though everything was in slow motion. I entered his house through the garage, walked up the 2-step ledge to the dining room and took about 3 steps forward and stopped. There was this man with dark hair and full beard, he looked to in his mid thirties and was wearing a navy blue civil war uniform. He must have been some sort of officer, because I could see the shiny gold medals on his collar and chest. Then all of a sudden with his right hand he reached for his long shiny sword, which was on the left side of his waist, and pulled it out. He then began to walk towards me, and I had this feeling that this person was going to kill me. I stepped backwards ‘till I fell on the 2-step ledge and woke up. That morning, Bob picked me up and we were going to the local batting range. We stopped at a light and he said to me "You know…I had a weird dream last night" I was shocked as I heard him tell me about it. He said that he was dreaming that he was sleeping in his room. His room is on the second floor, and has a sliding door leading to a balcony. He said that his door was closed, and somebody woke him up by banging on the door. Whoever it was, was banging so hard that the hinges were getting weak. Then he said something that almost made me have heart failure. He said that he had this feeling that whatever it was, was trying to get into his room and kill him! He said he quickly jumped out of bed and tried to get the slider open, but the lock was stuck. It finally broke down the door and was coming for Bob. He did managed to get the lock open but smashed his finger in the process…then he woke up. He said when he woke up, he was standing in front of the sliding door and it was opened. He really smashed his finger on the lock! I then told him about my dream, and we decided to never use the OUIJA board again.

NOTE: CPRS does not condone or recommend the use of a Ouija Board, or any other devices that can be used similar to the Ouija Board to communicate with the dead.

Orlando (CPRS member)

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