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This is a true story...

   My second oldest son has often presented us with evidence that he may have the ability to either see or communicate with spirits. He is only 7 years old now and at the time of this strange incident he was 5 and a lot of what a 5 year-old says can be far fetched. But this was very strange.
    It all started after the Halloween of 1998 when my son would not seem to stay in his room by himself. It didn’t matter if it was day or night, the child would not stay in there alone and would often be frightened. My wife and I dismissed it as possibly being a bad dream. After about a month or two we decided to talk to my son and try to figure out what was scaring him. He told us that there was a “witch” in his room that was watching him and scaring him. We asked him if he could tell us what she looked like and he described her as having long straight black hair with a big nose and long face. My wife and I just looked at each other and figured it had to have been something he seen on television. We tried convincing him that there was nothing in his room and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Any parent of a 5 year old knows that it is not an easy chore convincing their child that there is nothing to be afraid of. Another month went by and there was no change in his behavior in that room and I started to get a little suspicious that there could possibly be a spirit in the house and he could see it. I talked things over with another member of CPRS, Joe Franke, and we decided to contact a psychic. Without either of us explaining the situation to the psychic, we contacted her and setup a meeting on a Friday night. She has done some work for our group in the past and we trust her ability. All I told her was that it had been a while since my house was checked and that my wife and I had heard strange noises at times.
    It was now Friday night and all of the kids were out except for the baby and the psychic arrived with Joe. We greeted each other as I introduced my wife and without hesitation the psychic sensed something in the kid’s bedroom. All of my kids share the same bedroom and she walked right into the room and quickly identified a spirit of a woman in the corner of the room. After a few minutes or so, the psychic explained that this is the spirit of a woman who followed me home after an investigation of a Connecticut cemetery on Halloween night. She described her as being in her 30’s, long dark straight hair, narrow face and a larger than normal nose. The spirit told the psychic that she was trying to communicate with me at the cemetery but I wasn’t listening so she followed me home. That’s where she noticed that my second oldest son was able to communicate and see her. Joe was upset with the spirit scaring the child and scolded her for doing it. The psychic quickly responded that the spirit was now crying and felt bad about the whole thing. She said that she didn’t mean to scare anyone and just wanted help reaching her destination. The psychic then asked both Joe and myself to leave the room and that she would help the spirit reach her final resting place.
    Joe and I left the room and conversed in the living room. After about 10 minutes the psychic came out and told us that she was gone and that she helped her get to “the light”. She then explains that this happens often and that spirits sometimes need help “crossing over”. She also asked if my son ever showed signs of communicating with spirits in the past because the woman spirit said that he has the ability. I told her that I suspected it, but never gave it any serious thought. If this indeed is true about my son’s ability, then all I can do as a parent is to be there for him and help him understand what is going on.

CPRS Co-founder Orlando

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