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Time of the dream:The Last week in February, 1993

This is more of a premonition rather than dream. The setting in the dream was New York City in a very tall skyscraper and I was there with my wife and son. It seemed as though we were all on the second floor exploring the building's main attractions when all of a sudden someone began to scream and shout that there was a bomb in the building. The building turned into complete chaos as people began to panic and rush for exits.  I grabbed my family from the mob of frightened people when I heard a voice holler, "everyone to the President's room!" This room was being described as a bomb shelter of some sort and was located on the same floor. Everyone began to run towards the room pushing and trampling over helpless people. I then overheard someone say that the bomb was located in the Parking Garage and immediately told my wife to take our son and go into that "President's Room" and explained that I would return to get them when this was over. I remember running as fast as I could down 2-4 flights of stairs and into the Parking Garage. I searched frantically and finally found the bomb and picked it up. I ran as fast as I could to the end of the garage and attempted to throw the bomb into the river when it exploded as soon as I released it...that's when I woke up.

That morning I told my wife about the horrible dream I had and she explained that she had a similar dream only we were in a factory and a bomb exploded. Later that morning when I came out of the shower I noticed a circular bruise under my right wrist. It was almost a perfect circle and I showed it to my wife who was in the next room examining the exact same bruise in the exact same location and hand! I did not remember ever being hurt at any time and had no explanation for the bruise, and neither did my wife. Three days later at about 1:00PM on a Friday, a terrorist bomb exploded in the parking garage of the World Trade Center. There were many injuries and people were in a frantic rage. I was at work when the story broke and I remember getting this extremely cold chill in my spine while my face turned white. This was really a strange occurrence.

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